Gommone da pesca all'alba

Fishing with Maretta ... Fun & Learning!

We offer you an extraordinary opportunity to go out to the sea with experienced Captains who, besides catching extraordinary fish, will teach you their experiences and secrets!

By going fishing with Maretta, you will spend hours talking about fishing and practicing our tips right away, testing your and our equipment, discovering new places and try out new fishing techniques or deepen those already known. In short, you will have fun and why not, learn some craft trick from those who have dedicated, and still spend so many days, at the sea and fishing with the enthusiasm of the first time.

The experience

The crew accepted for single exit is made of 3 people and each exit lasts about 6-7 hours (but you can opt to stay in the sea all day), including sailing to the chosen fishing area.

In all seasons of the year it is possible to make outings aimed at catching different fish. We will advise you from time to time the techniques best suited to the season and weather and sea conditions, taking into account the results of our past fishing which, by allowing time, are daily.

Pesca al tonno rosso Maretta
Uscita all'alba


Depending on the type of fishing we decide to make, taking into account your needs, it is advisable to set the catch in the morning or in the afternoon or even at night. We will take care of all the necessary you need and make it available to you, if you wish. In addition to our experience, of course!

What to do to book an exit

It is always preferable to book the exits by mail or by telephone with a certain advance (especially for public holidays and pre-festives in summer).

You will have all the information you need to arrange a tailor made fishing outlet for your needs.
To make an efficient service a reservation is required at least 15 days in advance. This will allow us to form a calendar of outputs based on the required date.

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